Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Compassion


Oracle card-Compassion-Main Horizontal Image


Compassion stirs in the depths of our being. By recognizing our virtues of compassion within the spheres of our human and spiritual development, and through awareness of our oneness with Source, we must embrace and identify our love with the sanctified quality of our Creator, God.

When we express our inherent Divine Compassion toward others, it is infused with a love so powerful and profoundly harmonious, that it brings about immediate peace and undesirable effects are eliminated. In radiating spontaneous love toward others, we not only heal others but we heal ourselves of undesirable effects in our bodies and circumstances.

The expression of love and empathy, the deepest of all human emotions, can be identified and recognized as an embodied sensation in our intuition and deepest feelings. Feelings that are physical as much as they are emotional and spiritual. Unconditional love toward others, Mother Earth and all upon her then transforms into acts of deep kindness, understanding and consideration, forgiveness and profound healing.

The God within us is a compassionate God. His Compassionate Nature is your compassionate nature and is anchored in the most intimate solidarity of your being.

The act of expressing True Love occurs spontaneously, without introspection. It is the attribute of the Divine tenderness and gentleness. These feelings, emotions, and expressions of love, are in oneness with the Divine. It is Divine Love.