Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Acceptance


Oracle card-Acceptance-Main Horizontal Image


We often experience adverse conditions or challenging situations that result in an inordinate amount of our attention and energy being given to those experiences, in fear, concern, doubt and anxiety.

When you accept the current circumstances for what they are and realize that you must not concentrate on the negative conditions, but allow the Divine Power to manifest through you by concentrating upon It, you will transcend the experience.

We cannot express any powers we do not have. The only way to possess any power or ability is to become conscious of it, and we cannot be conscious of any power unless we learn that all power comes from within.

Accept your current circumstances, and take an optimistic point of view, no matter what you see or feel. This enables you to shift your attention to the Divine Principle within you.

When we find wisdom within we will have the understanding to discern the magical and wondrous possibilities that are latent in our world within, and every condition in life can be made the springboard for greater things.

Every experience should be viewed as a stepping stone to new and exciting events. This thinking alone can bring us to the understanding that all conditions in life are strengthening and not weakening.

You need only recognize the truth that you have the power to overcome every condition if you believe you can. It is so essential that you become aware of your true Divine Nature, that within yourself is a world of intelligence, where courage, life, faith and enthusiasm can transcend all experiences, and manifestation of your desires outpictures effortlessly in your world.