Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Harmony


Harmony - Oracle Cards - Sacred Geometry - Main Horizontal Image

The Universal Mind is an extraordinary and wonderful instrument. It is humanity’s instrument as well as God’s, Creator’s, instrument.

The Universal Mind is impersonal in nature and holds all the laws and the ways and the means of expressing things. It is Pure Intelligence in itself and knows how to simply act, as is evident in our digestion of food, breathing, the heart beating, etc. We do not have to tell our bodies to perform these functions, they do it for us. We too must recognize this Pure Intelligence within.

Realize your oneness with the Universal Mind, for it is the vehicle for expression, a vehicle through which man/woman and God harmonize as one, think and act as one.

This law operates so the whole Universe expresses harmony.

The most amazing thing is that the Universal Mind will create for you just as you think. It will create a negative as well as a positive condition in your life. The Universal Mind responds to humanity and gives you exactly what you think upon the most, yet harmony still remains ready to function when negative conditions disappear through our change of thought.

Once you become aware of the fact that the law of harmony exists, that it is not the product of man’s mind but the establishment of God’s creation and is therefore permanent, that harmony will out-picture in your environment, your affairs, your relationships and your entire life, when in cooperation with Creator, Source, All There Is.