Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Hope


Oracle card-Hope-Main Horizontal Image

Living in hope is not really living at all. That is living somewhere in the future and living in the future is not living now, but now is the only time, for now is the only Reality; one cannot live yesterday or tomorrow. If one lives in the future or in the past one is merely living in one’s mind; then Life is merely an idea, living in Time which is but an illusion.

Most are searching for outward security. But, when there is outward insecurity there is always inward insecurity, and when there is inward insecurity there must be outward insecurity, because the inner is always expressing itself outwardly. With this lack of understanding humanity has developed a philosophy of hope.

The past and the future are dissolved in the now, and now is the only time. The deep silence of the present moment, the now, this is Reality. It is the All, all power in heaven and on earth is Now, and that power is Love.

When one does not live in the present, hopefulness becomes important. But hope is always somewhere in the future. Yet the future is only in the mind. Your Livingness is always in the present, never in the past or the future. Now is creative, this very moment, and is always new, moment to moment. In every moment memory is dissolved and Love and Wisdom becomes the only Reality.

When one sees the truth about hopefulness, there comes freedom from both hopelessness and hope.