Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Omnipresence



By the Law of Attraction we have brought into our lives our circumstances. We are the result of our past thinking, both consciously and subconsciously. Our manifestation is built upon the thought-material we entertain, our Attitude of mind.

We must recognize that the great secret of power is the awareness of the Omnipresence of the Omniscient Omnipotence which is the Infinite Life within us all. The Omnipresence is that which is everywhere. There is no time or place where it is not present. It is Omniscient, all wisdom and knowledge there is. It is Omnipotent, all power there is.

When we recognize that this exists in ourselves, in the very center of our being and in accordance to our recognition of it, we will possess those attributes. It means constant awareness and practice of Divine Thinking and Divine Reasoning.

This life is consciousness, and consciousness is the cause for all circumstances in our lives. This is the power we possess and it is always present for us to use it.

The Universal Mind, which is the Life Force Principle in every subatomic particle of our being, has the power within itself to create form, to manifest one’s aspiration.

With the knowledge of the source of all power, we can determine the course we will take to secure the best and most desirable things in life - health, happiness, success, harmony, strength, and abundance in all areas of our lives.

Aspirations and harmonious relations must be maintained.