Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Passion and Purpose

Passion and Purpose

Oracle card-Passion Purpose-Main Horizontal Image

The purpose in clearly defining one’s passion is that a greater understanding is acquired in realizing one’s purpose in this life time on this earthly plane. Passion is the enthusiasm that excites from within. It is the innate awareness of your Divine potential, for things one is passionate about develop easily, without effort. Attention and action placed upon one’s passion for the expression of gifts that one can share with others, without introspection, is a joy that comes naturally. Being in unity with the Divine Mind. That inspired passion is as the origins of the word enthusiasm describes, “to be possessed by a god”.

Listen in your heart to the things that ignite passion in you, for your intuitive Divine Self is your guide. You are being called to place attention on the things that invoke harmony, peace, joy and excitement into your life.

One’s purpose in life is to realize that you are a Divine Being with the same attributes, just to a varying degree. The Grand Architect of the Universe and you are one with that Life. Live as one with all humanity for the express purpose of sharing your Divinely Inspired gifts with mankind.  It matters not of the vocation or field you endeavor to pursue.

Every soul is an instrument through which the Divine expresses Itself, there are no exceptions. Your awareness that you are the perfect instrument through which the Divine expresses itself invokes greater awareness of your full potential to realize your purpose is service to humanity.

Living in the higher vibrations of love, compassion, understanding, is knowing the Truth of our being. We are Individualized Life of the Divine expressing love, thus all is available to us, and we live out our purpose in harmony and grace.