Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Perfection


Oracle card-Perfection-Main Horizontal image


Simplicity is the Essence of Perfection. Make this dominant in your mind. It is the greatest truth outside Truth itself. The simpler we are the more perfect we are. Open yourself to your real self, Source, God within. There is no need to hide from yourself; free yourselves, not by introspection, but by discerning your thought-action. See also the real self of your brother and sister, Source, God within them.

When you claim your human Divinity within, not external to yourself, you realize the soul is filled with Divine Light; there is no room for darkness. Therefore freedom comes from within, not from without. The wand of love can always reach the darkest corner of the soul and illume the whole Being.

When you are in love with love, it flows through you continuously; and this is your Divine state of Love. Love one another. We must cease to criticize our loved ones. How much love is lost by a quick sharp tongue, criticizing, condemning. With the same energy, how much love could be expressed; imagine what co-operation could be fostered, what peace and harmony attained!

Love is the Light and is essentially individual in character, because the individual must see the light before it can be established in the world. You are that Light. Every man, woman and child is the Light. Those aware, the seeker, the sincere student, the way shower, the light worker and all those on the path to self mastery are that Light. Let your Light shine before all, that you awaken the light in others. We must live and show by example.