Intention – Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle


Oracle card-Intention-Main Horizontal image

Feel that you are the center of consciousness in the Divine Mind when stating your Intentions. In this state you will recognize and realize your oneness with the inexhaustible supply, the Mighty Love, Wisdom and Power of God, Source, expressing itself through you.

The power of conscious right intention thus becomes profoundly realizable with the awareness that the instruction of the intention, given to the sub-conscious mind, is in fact the workings of the Universal Mind and manifestation is assured.

The manifestation of one’s thoughts becomes most powerful when one becomes aware of the source of one’s thinking. When you recognize the fact that the consciousness is the originator of the thought and that consciousness is the Divine Life, the Power of the Divine Mind individualized in humanity’s mind, then your intentions become a power.

Intentions are wonderful by themselves, however in order to fulfill the Law of the Universe, one must place sufficient attention on the intention.  Followed up by initiating purposeful action - Pure Action, which is living in the present, now, the only time there is. Remember, where your attention goes, your energy flows, so keep your attention on matters of intention and aspiration.

We must become aware of the Truth of our creative power and experience the tremendous joy in the understanding that our consciousness is the ruling factor. Our consciousness is the point through which we think, and is the same point through which the Divine Mind thinks in us.