Recognition – A Divine Knowing Within


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Our natural birthright is recognition of the infinite possibilities of the Creative Principle, the ability to manifest through co-operation, and this co-operation is based upon recognition of the fundamental Law: Love God and Love thy neighbor as thyself. Divine Life is the Principle of Love. God is The Christ Consciousness which is the Creative Principle in Humanity - Creator Individualized in All - All In God - One Mind - One Spirit - One Life.

One's desires must be Universal, for the betterment of all, not personal, not selfish; then all the power visible and invisible is united in our efforts. All the power and privileges of the Creative Principle become ours for the expression of our desires. By increasing our consciousness of God and self, and the Creative Principle within, material things then unite us closer to God, instead of leading us away from Him; for God then has a place in our experience as we receive perfect health, happiness and abundance.

In our spiritual growth we must realize that things belong not only to us but to all, and as we love our neighbor as ourselves we become the channel through which others can also realize the magnificence of the Creative Principle. We become aware that unless others are successful they cannot participate in the services we offer. Then our success is our neighbor’s success. It is therefore clear that love serves material needs as well as Spiritual needs.

Recognize that abundance is necessary to be in selfless service, of pure heart; thus allow the ability to receive, for when you have abundance you are in a greater position to be of service to others - This is God’s Will for all Humanity.