Assumption – Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck


Oracle card-Asumptio-Main Horizontal image

The energy of assumption is a disruptive motion to the stillness and peace of mind. One produces in one’s environment circumstances that are invariably in error to the balance of one’s Divine nature, due to the thoughts projected through making assumptions. Our intuition often leads us to speculate and make assumptions relative to a feeling or a sense about something. It is not to deny the intuition but to discern the truth of the matter.

If a situation presents itself where one is led through the mind to dwell on conclusions formulated through assumptions, then one is dealing with error. We are no longer in the present, only living in the mind. If one is unable to answer a simple question as to whether absolute truth is known relative to the situation or experience upon which assumptions are being made, then it is time to leave the assumptions behind and inquire of the truth of the matter.

Remember that thought is the expression of the Creative Principle, has inherent in itself the power of growth, and must eventually manifest. One is free to choose what one thinks, and assumptions are but thoughts, so one must remember that thought is governed by an immutable law, the Creative Principle to ultimately manifest.

There exists two facets of the mind, mortal ignorance or Divine Wisdom. When you know wisdom you act as Divinity acts, and you come into your Divine Nature, where there is no confusion, thus assumptions no longer exist in one’s reality.