Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Balance


Oracle card-Balance-Main Horizontal image

When we put ourselves in tune with the great Universal Laws and recognize our position in the Universe is eternal. We are eternal and always have been eternal, united, one with the Supreme Being, we will begin to unconsciously react constructively to every event in life.

Our physical body is affected by emotional energies, while the emotional body is affected by our mental energies. Our mental body is affected by the Supreme energies which have absolute power to balance out all vortices and disturbances and eliminate our perceived troubles in all the lower planes, such as the mental, emotional and physical bodies. The key secret lies in harmonizing with the forces of the Universe and consciously using them in a constructive way for the benefit of yourself and others.

It is the Supreme Being in ourselves that attunes us to The Law of Harmony, which balances out all the vortices of energy in our environment that no longer serve us. Happiness and freedom is realized through the Law of Harmony which unites us with the Supreme Being. The realization that we are in contact with the great Life Force Energies of Creator invokes expansion and amplification of the Divine principles of Love, Happiness, Kindness, Joy and Peace. Then you will see these principles reflect in you and create harmony, which will out-picture in your life.

In balance, we transmute destructive energies into the constructive so we live in laughter and good-will toward all with immovable faith, expressing and living always in the now, knowing that all is well, free from emotional, mental and physical ups and downs. “I am the life.”