Abundance – Law of the Universe


Oracle card-Abundance-Main Horizontal image

The Law of the Universe is abundance. The vast infinite scheme of the Universe is grand and splendid wherever we look. The process of creating and recreating is continuously in operation.

The Law is no respecter of persons. It is in constant operation and relentlessly delivers to each individual exactly what they have created.

We must place ourselves in harmony with the Law as well as share the benefits with humanity, Mother Earth and all upon her.

Acting in accordance with the law of the Universal Mind, we then obtain all the desirable things in life.

Hold firm to your aspirations, knowing that they have already manifested in your life. Witness your aspirations in your mind’s eye through the expression of gratitude, with grace and humility.

You are the creator of all you aspire to be, for you are in constant co-operation with the Infinite Divine Intelligence that resides within you. Know this to be your birthright. Be aware that the Law of the Universe has already provided perfect health, happiness and abundance to you in all areas of your life.

Re-affirm your aspirations, state your intentions, place attention on your intentions. Then most importantly act with faith knowing that all is well. “Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened.”